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Memphis Homeschool

Enrichment Cooperative



Posted by Katherine on July 21, 2016 at 4:45 PM

Hello Co-op Mentors and Scholars!

I am very excited for our Physics class. I love Physics and I hope that by the end of class all the students will as well. I view our class time as precious and want to use it to accordingly. I know that each student will have had different levels of exposure to Physics and has different needs from this class. I have tried to design the class so that you can fit it to your situation. I plan on beginning with a half hour of demonstrations about the topics in the order of the Exploring Creation with Physics book from the Apologia Series. The second half hour I want to spend with hand-on individual lab experiments. This way if you are studying this book (or any other) at home for credit these demonstrations and labs will support what you are studying. If the student has already studied this book (or any other) the student should still find the demonstrations interesting because I will not be doing the same examples in the book. Some of the student experiments may be very similar to those in any Physics book because of the nature of the subject but they will not be exactly the same in case there is a student that has already completed a Physics text (even Apologia) or plans to in the future. If you are not studying Physics this year at all I think that the demonstrations and labs should still be enjoyable and a good supplement to any science study. I am looking forward to our time together!

Thank you, Katherine Baldwin

Recommended Class Materials List:

Bound Composition Book (you should be able to buy one for about a dollar)

3 ring binder with sections:

1) Class notes

2) Vocabulary

3) Handouts

4) Practice problems

5) Act practice (Scholars) Standardized Test Practice Questions (Mentors)

Blank notebook paper

Pen and pencil

Simple calculator (this may be a good time to practice with the ACT approved calculator but any calculator with simple operations will be fine)


Aug 9 Assembly Day


Module 1 : Measurement and Units

Module 2 : Motion in One Dimension

Aug 23

Module 3 : One-Dimensional Motion Equations and Free Fall

Aug 30

Module 4 : Two-Dimensional Vectors

Module 5 : Two-Dimensional Motion

Sep 6

Module 6 : Newton’s Laws

Module 7 : Applications of Newton’s Second Law

Sep13 Assembly Day

Sep 20

Module 8 : Uniform Circular Motion and Gravity

Sep 27

Module 9 : Work and Energy

Oct 4

Module 10 : Momentum

Module 11 : Periodic Motion

Oct 11 Assembly Day

Nov 1 Module 12 : Waves and Optics

Nov 8 Break

Nov 15

Module 13 : Electrostatics

Module 14 : Electrodynamics

Module 15 : Electrical Circuits

Nov 22 Break

Nov 29

Module 16 : Magnetism

Dec 6 Assembly Day

Dec13 Make up Day

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