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Final Project Info

Posted by Whinghter on January 20, 2016 at 6:35 AM

Here's the cut/paste version of the handout on the Final Project. I posted the Word version in the Facebook Files area for your reference. Please come to class with your chosen experiment Tuesday (feel free to choose an experiment that isn't listed here - these are just suggestions).

Final project: A Mind Map!

What is mind mapping?

The details

Pick one of the following foundational Psychology experiments and create a mind map to describe it. Think about what the experiment was about, what the experimenter(s) did and what was found. Why was it important? How did it contribute to modern theory? Was it ethical?

You’ll need to download a mind mapping program. Don’t worry, you shouldn’t need to pay for one. Many offer free trials, and several are free for educational access. Here are some to look into. You might want to try one or two, as they are different in functionality. You’ll want to get started early as you learn this terrific software that is being used quite a bit for presentations at the collegiate level.


1. Harlow’s monkey experiment (1960s)

2. Little Albert experiment (1920, Watson)

3. Bobo experiment (1961, Bandura) - ANNA

4. Milgram’s obedience experiment (1963) - OLIVIA

5. Kahneman & Tversy’s risk aversion experiment (1979)

6. Loftus & Palmer’s memory manipulation experiment (1974) - MICHAEL

7. Asch’s conformity experiment (1951)

8. Zimbardo’s Stanford Prison experiment (1971) - ABBY

9. Mischel’s deferred gratification experiment (1972) - MCKENNA

10. Hawthorne studies (1920’s) - ISABELLA

11. Gibson & Walk visual cliff experiment (1960s)

12. Festinger’s (1957) cognitive dissonance experiment

Mind mapping software (a few options):

Mindmeister -

X mind -

Mind Manager -

Coggle -

Mind Node -

I Mind Map -

Free Mind -

Prezi – (this has a free 2 week trial and is free for educational emails)


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