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Memphis Homeschool

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CREATORS--Storytime with Art

Posted by Laura Bolin on January 3, 2016 at 3:40 PM

This is the tentative scedule for Storytime with Art

Week 1: THE SNOWY DAY---we will make snowflakes

Week 2: SNOWMEN AT NIGHT--- chalkart snowman

Week 3: MY HEART IS LIKE A ZOO--- heart shaped lion

Week 4: Goodnight Moon---window looking at the moon

Week 5: THE VERY HUNGRY CATERPILLER--- egg carton caterpillers

Week 6: HORTON THE ELEPHANT SITS ON A NEST--- paper nest with egg

Week 7: THE EASTER EGG---egg wreath 

Week 8: CORDUROY--- Corduroy paper plate

Week 9: THE RAINBOW FISH---celery stamping (I will be using celery sticks, so if this is an issue let me know)

Week 10: (I'm looking at a few options for Earth Day/recycling books). Our art project will be something to repurpose.

Week 11: ELMER ELEPHANT---sponge painted Elmer

Week 12: GUESS HOW MUCH I LOVE YOU---Sorry not gonna tell, it's a Mother's day surprise ;)

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