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Memphis Homeschool

Enrichment Cooperative


Food Drop Off on the 17th for the Potluck

Posted by Sheila Prezioso on November 11, 2015 at 2:50 PM

On Tuesday morning I will park my truck in the main parking area with my hatchback open and all the seats down so that everyone can just load their dishes in for one of us to take to the kitchen. Pastor Andy is hosting a breakfast in the gym that morning so we will not be able to use the gym as a path to the kitchen. If you have instructions for your food, like 'keep refrigerated' or 'put in warmer', please write that on your dish with a sticky note or sharpie or whatever lol Oh and don't forget to include the ingredient list.

Hopefully this will make things easier for everyone and our morning will run smoothly. If you have any questions about the potluck, contact Beth or Heidi :) 

Categories: General Announcements