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Scholars Logic Week 2 Homework

Posted by Sheila Prezioso on August 18, 2015 at 9:00 PM

Class discussion was great today. I enjoyed hearing all the different input and ideas. Next week, I will remember to turn off my 'home' alarms so I don't accidentally cut class short again though lol 

Wed 8/19: Read pgs 42-46 and do exercises


Thurs 8/20: Read pgs 47-51 and do ch. 1 Review exercises (skip exercise C on pg51)


Fri 8/21: Poster project. Create a poster depicting at least one of the fallacies you learned in chapter 1. You can use pictures from the internet or draw your own. Include color and your own details about each fallacy. The poster can be an advertisement (real or made up) or a cartoon with a witty caption. Be prepared to present and discuss in class.
*As I explained in class, this does not have to be poster sized. As long as it is neat and large enough to be seen by the class when you present it. 


Mon 8/24: Complete poster and bring it to class tomorrow for presentation

Tues: 8/25: Turn in posters, discuss and review chapter 1

If they need to catch up:

Week 1 Homework

Wed 8/12: Read pgs 7-13 and do exercises

Thurs 8/13: Read pgs 14-23 and do the exercises. This video will help explain the difference between formal and informal fallacies

Fri 8/14: Read pgs 24-36 and do exercises.

Mon 8/17: Read 37-41 and do exercises.

This video will help explain ad hominem fallacies.

If they don't yet have their book, you can use the online sample to get them started. The Art of Argument Book can be found here


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