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Memphis Homeschool

Enrichment Cooperative


Adventurer Curriculum - Fairy Tales

Posted by Andria on August 11, 2015 at 11:20 PM

Fairy Tale Curriculum

Memphis Home School Enrichment Cooperative

August - December 2015

12 Classes


Throughout the Fairy Tale course, we will focus on learning parts of a story (the plot, setting and characters), as well as punctuation (question mark, exclamation mark, period). We will enjoy telling stories, acting them out, building, creating, working together and playing.

 **I’m in need of 12 individual shoes (or 6 pair) for one of our activities. If you have any laying around you want to get rid of, will you please give them to me within the next month? They can be any size, preferable children’s.


Day 1: Introductory: Fairy Tales

Learning Points: Makeup of a Fairy Tale (plot, setting, character), Punctuation and Creativity

What is a Fairy Tale?

Short Fairy Tale - Sweet Porridge (plot, character, setting)

Character / Get to know you game


Day 2: Three Billy Goats Gruff

Learning Points: Sequencing, building/creating

Sequencing Explanation

Tell Story (plot, character, setting)

Sequence Activities

Build a Bridge Activity

*If time: Sequencing Game


Day 3: The Gigantic Turnip (Russian)

Learning Points: Collaboration. When we all work together we can accomplish a great deal.

Tell story/Turnip activity (plot, character, setting)

Game about Teamwork

Create service project

Day 4: (continued): The Gigantic Turnip

Read Story

Finish Service Project and hand out to other students 


Day 5: The Three Little Pigs

Learning Points: Comprehension, Acting

a. Tell the story

b. Questions

c. Costumes/Reenact

d. *If Time: Game: pig, pig, wolf


Day 6: Little Red Riding Hood

Learning Points: Following directions, Fractured Fairy Tale

Tell story, (plot, character setting)

Partner game (fractured fairy tales)

Activity, reenact

*If TIme: Mini book


Day 7: Elves and the Shoemaker

Learning Points: Gift of giving without expecting something in return, critical thinking, creating

Elf hat

Tell story; (plot, character, setting)

Question game

Do a good deed for someone else

Day 8 (continued) Elves and the Shoemaker

Read the story

Things to do with your feet

Find the shoe

Decorate the shoe

*If Time: measure feet, hot shoe/hot potato


Day 9 Fractured Fairy Tales

Learning Points: Creating Stories, creative writing and drawing

Read a fractured fairy tale

We tell our own fractured fairy tales

Create own fractured fairy tale


Day 10: DIY Fairy Tale

Become authors of our own fairy tale

Review parts of a fairy tale

We write the story


Day 11 (continued)

Read our own fairy tale

Illustrate our own fairy tale


Day 12: Fairy Tale TIme ??? (this one is still being considered)

dress up as favorite fairy tale character

read different Fairy Tales, sing fairy tale songs, and bring your own treat


**This curriculum is bound to change!

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