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It's the place for things like Class Syllabus, Homework Assignments, Materials Lists, and Recapping what you did in class to keep parents informed.  Also, it's a great place to post details about upcoming Assembly Days and Field Trips.  Details about these events can also be added to the calendar. Think stuff you would put in an official record or a newsletter.

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SCHOLARS Psychology

Posted by Whinghter on January 11, 2016 at 12:55 AM Comments comments (1)

Hey Scholar parents!

I am very excited about this semester, and like every semester, I'm sneaking in a core skill for them to use. This time, I'm working on Mind Mapping (something that is becoming very popular with my grad students). It is very fun, and it will allow your Scholar to use a lot of creativity. I'll go over it on Day 1 so that they undertand what it is, and then we'll launch into more details in Psychology in the next weeks. For Week 1, we will go over introduction stuff and work on rapport more than anything. I'll be intentionally staying away from a lot of Clinical issues (e.g. mental illness) because that can hit close to home and it can also bring up some topics that I think you'd prefer to cover yourselves with your Scholars. 

Each week, we'll be doing hands on type stuff, and many times, Scholars will be trying things out on you - please be willing to help with their "experiments" and "data collection" as needed. For some "experiments", I"ll need data sent to me ahead of time so that we can compute things (e.g., mean, SD). Helping your Scholar send in results will bolster our discussion as appropriate. 

I am excited for this class - in the most geeky Psychologist way! See you soon!

Voyagers- Magic Tree House

Posted by Leslie Bennett on January 8, 2016 at 4:50 PM Comments comments (0)

Books needed for class: 
Dinosaurs Before Dark
The Knight at Dawn
Mummies in the Morning
Pirates Past Noon
Night of the Ninjas  **NOTE: Kids voted for this book to replace Vacation Under the Volcano.**
Day of the Dragon King

Tentative Schedule:  We will spend two weeks on each book.  Students will read 5 chapters each week before the scheduled class date to be ready for discussion.  

Jan. 19  Dinosaurs Before Dark Ch. 1-5  

Jan. 26  Dinosaurs Before Dark Ch.6-10

Feb.  2  The Knight at Dawn  Ch. 1-5

Feb.  9   Co-op break

Feb. 16  The Knight at Dawn Ch. 6-10

Feb. 23  Co-op canceled

Mar.    1  Mummies in the Morning Ch. 1-5

Mar.   8   Invention Convention (No Class)

Mar. 15  Mummies in the Morning Ch. 6-10

Mar. 22  Co-op Break 

Mar. 29  Pirates Past Noon Ch. 1-5

Apr.   5  Pirates Past Noon Ch. 6-10

Apr. 12  Egg-o-Nauts (No Class)

Apr. 19  Night of the Ninjas Ch. 1-5

Apr. 26  Night of the Ninjas Ch. 6-10

May   3  Day of the Dragon King Ch. 1-5

May 10  Field Day (No Class)

May 17 Day of the Dragon King Ch. 6-10

Voyagers- Life of Fred

Posted by Anne Cazalas on January 8, 2016 at 2:50 PM Comments comments (2)

Voyagers-Life of Fred, Butterflies



I am going to tweak this as I go based on the levels of the kids in the class. We may end up doing a lot of small group activity to accommodate kids in different places.




Week 1 – Chapter concepts, 5 +4=9, one yard=3 feet, 5 o’clock, number of members in a set


Butterfly clocks



Measurement Fun Scavenger Hunt! Chart and yard sticks


Week 2 – Chapter concepts – time, temperature, calendar work, and skip counting


Reuse butterfly clock from Week 1 for another activity


Calendar set-up, we will be making a calendar for the year in the next few lessons and we start it here, focus on days of the week at this lesson


Snack skip counting with animal crackers



Week 3- Chapter concepts-caterpillar/butterfly life cycle, skip counting, math symbols


Calendar-continuing making our calendar, focusing on months this lesson


butterfly life cycle snack activity


math symbols-braces, parantheses, brackets



Week 4- Chapter concepts- subtraction, time, addition, music notes, poetry, skip counting


Calendar-finish up if not done


Reuse butterfly clock from week 1


Learn musical symbols


Butterfly snack/craft - crackers & cheese



Week 5 – Chapter Concepts – protein & calcium, weight equivalents, ordinal numbers, time


Ordinal Numbers- Mathtacular DVD segment


Playdough ordinal burgers


Speed count, ordinal numbers



Week 6 – Chapter concepts- constellations, number words to a million


Constellation lacing cards


Reuse butterfly clock


Number word review up to a million, matching game, read How Much is a Million if time allows



Week 7 – Chapter Concepts – squares, 5:55=five minutes to five, deliberate versus inadvertent, sequence of days


Days of the Week game – We may skip this based on how they do making their calendars



Salty Sweet Squares (pretzels and mini marshmallows)


Opposite Worksheet-focus on inadvertent and deliberate



Week 8 – Chapter concepts- money, yurts, skip counting, addition


Days of the Week letter graph


How many nickels activity sheet


Addition with Books


Graham cracker square snacks



Week 9 – Chapter concepts- subtraction, German, money, time, constellations


Snack star


Craft – build Orion's sword


Subtraction Fact Wheel


Clock worksheet



Week 10 – Chapter Concepts – time, astronomy, number words, alphabet


Galaxy Jars


Fill In Time Worksheet


A-Z Think With Me (early finishers)



Week 11- Chapter Concepts – perpendicular, dozen, time


Perpendicular Simon Says


Fill 12 plastic eggs, label and fill with correct count, brainstorm other things that come as a dozen


Hip to Be Square sheet



Week 12- To be determined. We will either be wrapping up or we will discover what happens to Fred in some of the other chapters.




Geology Class fo Mentors, Spring 2016

Posted by tammykingcarlton on January 7, 2016 at 3:40 PM Comments comments (0)

Geology Class

Spring Semester 2016

Memphis Homeschool Enrichment Cooperative



Jan 19 First Day—Assemble Lap Books, Geology ID Games

Jan 26 Intro to Geology: A View of Earth

Feb 2 Plate Tectonics: Internal Earth

Feb 9 Break

Feb 16 Minerals

Feb 23 The Rock Cycle

March 1 Igneous Rocks and Formations

March 8 Invention Convention

March 15 Sedimentary Rocks and Formations

March 22 Break

March 29 Metamorphic Rocks and Formations

April 5 Volcanoes

April 12 Egg –O-Nauts

April 19 Earthquakes

April 26 Landslides, Landforms, and Topography

May 3 Hydrogeology and the Ocean Floor

May 10 Field Day



CREATORS--Storytime with Art

Posted by Laura Bolin on January 3, 2016 at 3:40 PM Comments comments (0)

This is the tentative scedule for Storytime with Art

Week 1: THE SNOWY DAY---we will make snowflakes

Week 2: SNOWMEN AT NIGHT--- chalkart snowman

Week 3: MY HEART IS LIKE A ZOO--- heart shaped lion

Week 4: Goodnight Moon---window looking at the moon

Week 5: THE VERY HUNGRY CATERPILLER--- egg carton caterpillers

Week 6: HORTON THE ELEPHANT SITS ON A NEST--- paper nest with egg

Week 7: THE EASTER EGG---egg wreath 

Week 8: CORDUROY--- Corduroy paper plate

Week 9: THE RAINBOW FISH---celery stamping (I will be using celery sticks, so if this is an issue let me know)

Week 10: (I'm looking at a few options for Earth Day/recycling books). Our art project will be something to repurpose.

Week 11: ELMER ELEPHANT---sponge painted Elmer

Week 12: GUESS HOW MUCH I LOVE YOU---Sorry not gonna tell, it's a Mother's day surprise ;)

Co op dues are due Jan 5

Posted by Whinghter on January 3, 2016 at 12:35 AM Comments comments (0)


Today is a great day to pay dues early! $130 for returning families and $130 + $20 application fee for new folks! You'll want to include any class fees that relate to your kids, also (noting in the description area). PayPal is quick and easy (send money to friends/family option please, [email protected]). If you'd like to send via check, you can snail mail to Jeanie Whinghter. 

If your New Years Resolution is to pay co op dues early, you'll be able to relax, knowing that you don't have to 1) hit the gym, 2) go on a diet, or 3) stop wearing yoga pants in 2016. Win-win.

Drum-roll ... Committee Assignments are Posted

Posted by Sheila Prezioso on December 22, 2015 at 2:10 PM Comments comments (0)

Fundraisers 1 slot remaining

Trisha Fyfe

Anne Cazalas

Jeanie Whinghter

Field Trips Full

Andrea Simmons

Jenny Freehardt

Jana Grayson

Scrubs Full

Jen Jackson

Heidi Anderson

Yearbook Full

 Alecia Sanford

Angela Lewter

Laura Bolin

Sandy Sparks

Lindsey Rowland

Invention Conv  8-Mar  2 slots remaining

Leslie Bennett

Alicia Wood

Sara Jenson

Egg-o-nauts 12-Apr  1 Slot remaining

Tammy Carlton 

Lindsay Horner

Talent Show 7-May  Full

Mandie Huber

Beth Barnett

Emily Toney

Tanji Johnson

Shay Blackford

Kasey Cordell

Field Day 10-May Full

Tom Adams

Mary Enoch

Nora Hayden

Leslie Black

Members Unassigned: 

Linda Knipple

Tiffany Monsen

Janet Hall

Miki Skeen

If your name is on the list of those who have not yet been assigned to a committee and I have not heard from you, please take a moment to check your email and get back to me. I promise it only takes two minutes. Also, please check over this for errors

Thank you all so much for your continuing commitment to making our co-op the fantastic success that it is. We couldn't be this awesome without all of our fabulous members. You ROCK!



Nativity Pattern Block Mats

Posted by Alicia Wood on November 19, 2015 at 11:00 PM Comments comments (2)

Would anybody be offended if I used a set of Nativity themed pattern block mats in my class? I assume it would be okay, but I just wanted to ask first. I think there is an angel, baby Jesus in a manger, shepherd, star, wise man and a camel. 

Human Body Nervous System

Posted by Andrea Simmons on November 16, 2015 at 5:50 PM Comments comments (0)

This week we will be talking about the Central and Peripheral nervous systems. Check out the" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">Stroop Test  with your kiddo for some laughs. Since we only have one class left I will most likely send our personal persons to be completed at home. I would like our last class to review what we've learned this semester. I've had a blast with your kiddos. Thanks for letting me borrow them! :)

Class Descriptions Due Tuesday the 17th

Posted by Alicia Wood on November 14, 2015 at 9:50 PM Comments comments (0)

Reminder: Class desciptions need to be emailed to [email protected] by Tuesday. I have already received quite a few. Thank you!